Silverado left tail light not working

  • so earlier I made a thread about my brake lights but that end up being okay all 3 lights are working now.I noticed when turning the turn signal on the click sounds faster now.I noticed both blinkers work in the front left and right but not on the tail...
Any ideas on what may cause a left tail light not work when all others do? Bulbs and fuses are all fine. I'm assuming it's a dual filament bulb with the taillight filament out.

Tail/Brake Light: Please note your factory bulb contains two filament. This means it has one filament for the tail light and one filament for the brake light. i have a 05 rav4 and the left rear stock tail light was dead last week.but when my headlights is on the tail light isnt working but when i press...

Jun 05, 2015 · Grab your parking light fuse using the accompanying fuse grabber. If the center metal strip in the fuse is broken or damaged, your parking light fuse is blown and will need to be replaced. Replace the fuse, if it is blown, and then close the fuse panel before lowering the hood of your truck.
  • Driver Side Rear Running Light and License Plate Light Not Working, '99 Chevy S10, Blinker and Brake Lights Work, Wiring Issue 2 Answers. My 99' Chevy S10 rear driver side tail light won't work as well as driver side license plate light. I checked fuses under hood and in cab, they are okay. I checked the the tail lights and replaced t...
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  • Nov 28, 2009 · check the wiring good from the bulb to the multifunction switch. could be a broken wire or a bad connection. could also be the multifunction switch or the hazard switch, it is possible for one side to work and the other sid not work if the multifunction switch or the hazard switch fails.

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    Tail lights and dashboard lights not workingbut brake lights work [ 4 Answers ] I have a 95 ponitac bonneville, when I pull the switch to turn it on, the headlights only go on. My dash and tail lights will not go on. When I press the brake my dashboard lights go on. When I release the brake the ddash goes back off. Help anyone

    If the brake light and turn signal operate from the same bulb, the taillight design is common. If the brake light and turn signal work from separate bulbs, the design is independent. The industry standard found on trailers is a common bulb system. Vehicles will vary depending on the make and model.

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    Trailer 4 connector light tester shows that I am not getting power at the 2015 silverado truck plug that I need for the running lights on my boat trailer. Turn light and break lights on trailer work fine and all lights on the truck work correct. Therefore. It is probably a bown fuse but I cant figure out which fuse it is.

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    I recently unplugged the Right side Tail Light, removed it and put it back in place, and after that it stopped lighting up. Also, if it was a fuse, the left side would not work either correct? One fuse controls both tail lights? What could this be? All I did was basically unplug the connector and put it...

    Right rear light not working, no right tail light and no left brake light! If after checking the bulbs are ok then the fuses could be suspect! Nov 19, 2015 | Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Cars & Trucks

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    I have EU spec tail light in front of me, I can take pics of the inside to compare. Its very tight and you don't have much space to work. This is valid for the right tail light, I don't have a faulty left one to check.

    Sep 05, 2011 · make sure the truck is off. pump the gas pedal 3 times then turn on the truck. it should be off and if not turn off and turn on again.2003 Chevy Silverado Oil Change Light? turn key to on!!dont start! hit the gas 3 times that will reset the code!

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    "Honda Odyssey break lights work but my tail lights don't" This is what I typed into google to solve my problem... I got pulled over by a cop last night Auto Repair Videos: How to fix 2005 Chevrolet Aveo tail lights do not work To do this job you will need a 10 millimeter ratchet extension cutters a stripper...

    I had no tail lights and no dash lights because my tail light fuse was burnt out. The fuse box was by my left foot while driving under the kick panel. I'd start by pulling the taillights and just looking at them; it's a harsh environment and sometimes the wires just rot away.

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    Why doesn't my left tail light work on my 2000 Grand caravan. I have Changed the bulb. That didn't fix the problem. Just to make sure swop it with the matching bulb on the other side of the vehicle which you know is definitely working. If this bulb now operates in the first lamp assembly you now know the...

    Left tail light stopped working recently on my 2007 FJ. When you hit the brakes it lights up, but no running light on that side. I have power at the fuse and everything else works. Not sure what else to check. Would this be a grounding issue? Highly appreciative of any ideas or help.

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    My tail light (top two small bulbs) were working intermittently, as pointed out by the officer who pulled me over recently. They happened to be working yesterday so I took the bulb holder on the driver's side out of the lamp assembly to have a closer...

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The tail lights are fused in this fuse block. Take a look at section 10-33 of your owner's manual assuming you are looking at the 2011 edition. The front lamp is burning, but the back left tail light is not. Are these two on the same fuse? And if so, shouldn't both not work? And if one is working...
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