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  • Every reader is unique to us, and we highly value your opinion, suggestion, or constructive criticism. If you have an inquiry about anything on Homescute, then do contact us. We always encourage guest writers and want you to be part of our journey. Please write to us at homescutee AT gmail.com.
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Writing for women’s magazines is a lucrative and easy way of getting into print. Most National magazines have readerships in the thousands – some in the millions – so your name can gain huge exposure through this medium.

Jul 12, 2020 · They run a print publication and, because they love spoiling us, regularly publish online, too. Do they pay? $20 per page. Don’t think making your font 48px will fly with them.
  • Write for us You’re hoping to have a visitor post distributed on a best in guest blog that is perused by a few persuasive people. Furthermore, I’m searching for incredible blog substance to supplement my own.
  • Write for Us, Share Your Hard-Earned Parenting Wisdom, Get Paid A Fine Parent is an online community for parents who believe that Great Parents are Made, Not Born. Each week on the blog I publish one in-depth article.
  • Write for us Technology, Business, Finance, Sports, Travel, Fashion, Heath niche guest post available here. We accept guest post articles related to Android apps and IOS apps, Web design & development & Digital Marketing niche.

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    Contact us if you would like to submit an article relevant to home design, home lighting, or home decor. Please review these requirements and send in your article for review. We usually let you know within 48 hours if your article will be posted. If accepted, we will send you the link after the article has been posted, usually within 48 hours.

    Don’t just tell us what to do in a place and leave it at that. Tell us WHY you recommend doing it, WHY it matters, WHY it’s important, etc. Your post should “SELL” a destination. Whether you’re writing about your home town or your favorite vacation spot, by the end of the post I need to want to go there immediately.

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    Jun 10, 2020 · We have various blogs accepting guest posts right now. Guest posting is an excellent way to build your backlinks, traffic, and authority. Here are few websites currently accepting guest writers, and invite you to submit.

    Mar 04, 2010 · 1) Send us your ideas. E-mail [email protected] and tell us a bit about yourself and a brief outline for an article. If you already comment on our site, please include your commenting name ...

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    Write for Us by Guest Posting. Welcome to myfavoritebuilder.com! This website provides resources and guides on home builder and real estate. We accept guest posts on our site. If you are interested in guest posting, you can write for us on our home builder and real estate blog. To write for us, please follow the following guest post guidelines:

    Style: use a familiar, conversational style, sounding like one friend talking to another. Use the active voice as much as is possible and sensible. Use a friendly, not a bossy or paternalistic, tone, and make few of your sentences longer than two clauses.

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    Provide a clear and concise introduction and conclusion, with one main idea per paragraph. Make sure the theme of your essay clearly addresses the topic provided on the application, and use sources if necessary. Have a clear writing style, and avoid being generic unless an essay contest states otherwise.

    5. Are there any style guidelines I should keep in mind? We edit each piece, so if you’re not familiar with style guides, don’t let it deter you. However, our publication’s preferences include: We love posts that use numbered lists, bullets, and subheadings. Remember that for online writing, clarity and easy reading are key.

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    To become a writer for Writing Together: To contribute, you need to write a guide or a story related to the topics above.Below you’ll find an embedded form you can use to tell us about yourself. If you’re a good fit, we’ll add you to our contributor pool.

    Feb 28, 2020 · A strong application essay can boost a student's chances of being admitted to a college. In this guide, admissions experts offer advice on picking a college essay topic as well as navigating the ...

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    Tone and style – We love articles that we can relate to and are fun to read, so your tone and style should be friendly and conversational. Personal anecdotes are also highly favored. Ask questions. Add humor if you can.

    Four months after the writing exercise, 70 patients in the stressful-writing group showed improvement on objective, clinical evaluations compared with 37 of the control patients. In addition, those who wrote about stress improved more, and deteriorated less, than controls for both diseases.

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    Write for us Fashion, Beauty, Natures, Home and Garden Improvement, Lifestyle, Health, and Fitness, Food, Recipes, Travel & Technology Guest articles and create a brand! You can share the Guest Post via mail at [email protected]

    Write for Us! At Space Optimized, we believe that life is at its most beautiful when it’s simple! That’s why we offer a vast collection of home improvement ideas, interior design tips, and home projects to help our growing community create the home of their dreams!

Look at our Write For Us! We want freshly brewed content with useful information and an engaging writing style. Don’t even think of sending us a spin article, our content editors will catch the fault in a minute, and it will be rejected. The English language is preferred, as our audience is comfortable with that only.
Write for a Reason. 1,627 likes · 3 talking about this. Christian? Write stories for children and teenagers? Come and join us!
Style Guide JustParents has a worldwide audience, but primarily caters to a UK audience and our content reflects this. Contributors from different countries are asked to use British English (colour vs color), and avoid information relevant only to other countries (e.g. US laws, medical system, educational system or cultural references like ...
To make writing a key priority is an imperative because we have so many students who are learning English as an additional language. Write that Essay has enabled that us to see measurable improvements, and for students to be empowered in their writing.